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Did you know that there is a tool out there helping companies with managing their volunteering, from sourcing the opportunities to managing their employees? It's called a volunteering platform and it's a great example of what technology for good means.   The

Business, as we know it, has changed forever. It used to be the case that CSR was a fringe term that only exotic companies cared about. Nowadays, stakeholders - may they be employees, customers, suppliers or even shareholders - expect

Today there are over 150,000 polio survivors living within the UK, who, like myself, are now living with the late effects of polio, or post-polio syndrome (PPS). When we left the hospital after the initial virus attack, we were told that

Content is one of the most effective tools to use when looking for exposure. However, writing is a skill that needs constant polishing. As we want our ecosystem of corporates, nonprofits, and charities to share their insights with the world,

I started working as a journalist when I was 16. In my 20s, I was the youngest person to be promoted as deputy editor in chief of a national daily newspaper. I had a huge team of journalists under my

KindLink just had its annual conference this week, with over 100 attendees and 15 top-notch speakers. We will be publishing a comprehensive article on some of the learning points from the KindLink conference next week but, in the meantime, here

Sports Relief Day raises funds to fight inequality of any kind. Since the last Sports Relief Day over 4 million pounds were awarded to provide mental health support, over 390,000 children were vaccinated against deadly diseases in Sub-Saharan Africa using

Martin Davies is the Success Director of Salesforce, one of the leaders in the CRM industry around the world. With over 30 years of experience in IT and experience in coaching, Martin is now working with Astriid, a UK-based charity

Rita Chadha, is the CEO of the Small Charities Coalition, which aims to make life easier for smaller charities that cannot register but that provide tremendous help for those in need. She talks about the changes in volunteering culture and

Over 40,000 people run The Virgin Money London Marathon, one of the most famous fundraising events of the year. The popularity of the marathon is such that the only way to secure a place at the start line is by

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