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aThe charity digital presence has been an ongoing topic for the philanthropy sector over the last few years. Nonprofits need to develop a greater digital presence to ensure greater transparency and attract more support from corporates, organisations and individuals. Find

On your Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) journey, one of the key steps is to build your CSR policy and make sure that it is well communicated internally. The process starts once you have built your CSR strategy. This

2020 is the first year of National Intergenerational Week, a campaign launched by St Monica Trust in collaboration with over 100 charities across the UK. Sadly, charities had to cancel events in honour of this week to prevent the spread

A Partner in Education's (APIE) vision is a world where all children in Rwanda, regardless of background and circumstance, have the opportunity to receive a high-quality education. The APIE charity mission is to help change the face of teaching practice

Every company needs to be sustainable. The best way to structure your sustainability strategy is to use a recognised framework that will guide you on how to build, implement, and measure your sustainability programme. Ideally, such framework would be internationally

Working out improves your mental and physical health - that is a fact. National Workout and Wellbeing Week started last year and was the result of a partnership between Mind UK and Anytime Fitness UK. The aim of the week

Amala is developing the first international high school diploma programme for refugee youth, to address the need for refugee education. With schools closing across the globe due to the uncertainties of Covid-19, it is a bleak insight into what a life

The majority of people in the UK are fortunate enough to turn the tap on and get clean water. The UN created World Water Day to remind people that water is a finite resource and that many people around the

Before we get into how to build a sustainable business, it is worth answering a somewhat obvious question: why does your business need to be environmentally friendly and sustainable? Here are some vital statistics in today's socially responsible-orientated world:   And the

The relationship between a company's purpose and its values is a tight one, especially when deciding how to build a CSR programme. Companies need to first define what they stand for, then build relationships with the right nonprofits, groups or

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