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APIE: The charity opening the doors to volunteers in Rwanda

A Partner in Education’s (APIE) vision is a world where all children in Rwanda, regardless of background and circumstance, have the opportunity to receive a high-quality education. The APIE charity mission is to help change the face of teaching practice across Rwanda, facilitating the delivery of sustainable and locally-led teacher training. We help schools enable children to become global advocates for peace, break cycles of poverty and become leaders for change and prosperity.

The value of volunteers

APIE is a small UK charity and has always been hesitant to accept volunteers in Rwanda, as there are so many things for us to consider!

Our recent experience of hosting a volunteer has changed our outlook and the APIE team are now excited to look for others!

Adeel approached us at the end of 2019, looking for an opportunity to share his expertise. Adeel is a Change Management Consultant from London, who wanted to come to Rwanda for 2 months to support our project delivery management. At a time of growth and change for APIE, this was an offer we couldn’t say no to! Adeel is now coming to the end of his time in Rwanda with APIE and we are reflecting on all we have learnt from him and this experience. Adeel has learnt from us too, namely ‘how much patience it takes to work in the charity sector’!

Helping to build on our ethos as a small, agile and responsive organisation, Adeel taught the Rwandan team new problem-solving techniques, designed new products to streamline our reporting, advised on our communications and how to improve our processes. Together with the school leadership team, we identified issues that needed to be addressed in the school and Adeel helped us create a plan of action that could be monitored through to delivery.  Adeel has also empowered our Executive Director with new management techniques, which have helped improve the efficiency of our team and our project implementation. We now have 5 minute ‘daily ceremonies’ which we love, taken from Agile project management delivery.

APIE welcomed this boost in support and innovation and are looking forward to accepting our next volunteer so that we can further improve our work. This means we’ll be able to better support teachers in Rwanda, providing children with the quality education they have a right to.

Getting in touch

We would love to hear from you and APIE are now accepting applications from self-funding volunteers. Right now, we would welcome support (either remotely or in person) with social media, fundraising or financial management. Please do get in touch with Amy, our Executive Director if you think this might be you! amy@apartnerineducation.org







Article by Amy Barnecutt, APIE Rwanda Executive Director



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