So many things have changed in the last few months. We all went from leading perfectly normal lives to adjusting to a whole new lifestyle within a couple of weeks:  how we interact and communicate with others, how we work,

As we go into the summer, many countries have started to loosen restrictions and are exiting the state of lockdown. However, it is just not that simple to go back to normal. If we go back to the beginning of March

The UK Fundraising Regulator and the Chartered Institute of Fundraising (IoF) have started publishing new guidelines for charitable organizations to restart fundraising activities. The guidelines cover principles that should be applied to all types of fundraising and specific guidelines for

As lockdowns are easing, people are slowly getting back to their workplaces. Charities are opening up shops trying to get up and running to full speed. Things, however, are still not how they used to be. People are nervous about

The monumental shifts in the way we work, socialise and live our lives has and will have a profound impact on mental health. Employers need to ensure that they are ready to change or update their approach to mental health

Since the Covid-19 crisis started, there has been a spike in domestic violence while people are in isolation. What do you do in a situation like this? How do you handle domestic violence when your abuser is in isolation with

Many employees are juggling full-time work and taking care of their children. In our weekly KindLink webinar, we talked to Lisa Rowles, Director of Innovation and Evidence at Khulisa, and Ray Henry, Chairman of the IACP, about how working parents

HR and the Covid 19 crisis: working remotely has completely changed the way companies do business - and one of the most striking changes is how they work with their employees. We discussed in our webinar last week some best

The KindLink webinar set out to provide people with some pragmatic working from home tips from professionals implementing these in their teams right now. Billions of people around the world are working remotely during this current crisis, and companies have

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