Philip Kenley, Senior Manager, Employee Engagement Programs, at Salesforce, believes that employees should be empowered to choose the causes they volunteer for, and that companies forming long-term partnerships with entities that they can provide support for is the winning path

The Project for the Registration of Children as British Citizens (PRCBC) is the first and only organisation to focus directly on children and young adults and their right to British citizenship. We aim to raise awareness of registration and the

These days, a CSR policy and plan are becoming necessities for mid-sized law firms and businesses, but simply having one is not enough. Does your organisation’s CSR policy or plan avoid these five common mistakes? It was designed by copying someone

There are 6000 accidental deaths on average in the UK every year. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) created Family Safety Week to inform people about how to create safer environments in their homes and avoid life-threating

Winchester Go LD is a small charity that advocates for adults with learning disabilities and their families. We offer support, information, mediation and signposting on the many daily issues that affect people living in our local community of Winchester where

George Krychylskyy, Account Manager at KindLink, works daily with our 1,500 charities from around the world, to help them with their supporter engagement, fundraising, and digital initiatives. It has been a strange and difficult time for all of us, and one

The aim of Wear A Hat Day is simple: raise funds for brain tumour research and raise awareness of the impact this disease has on people’s lives. Getting involved is equally easy: wear a hat on March 27, take a

The Blue Dragon Children's Foundation is a charity that helps street kids, kids with disabilities and rescues kids from slavery and human trafficking in Vietnam. When ‘Diep’ accepted the offer to meet a wealthy man who was looking for a wife, she

The KindLink webinar set out to provide people with some pragmatic working from home tips from professionals implementing these in their teams right now. Billions of people around the world are working remotely during this current crisis, and companies have

Growing up in post-communist Romania was not easy. The country went from communism - one of the worst forms of social organisations known to man - to a freedom its people struggled to understand.  To me, one of the most painful

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