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World Book Day

World Book Day – March 4

“A room without books is like a body without a soul,” said Cicero. For many people around the world, books are a luxury they cannot afford. Book Aid International’s aim is to provide books and teaching materials for anyone who would not be able to have them for whatever reason – and they have created the World Book Day yearly event. They supply schools, libraries, prisons around the world, desiring to create environments where people can read for leisure, can study, learn and flourish. According to their website, their vision is of a world where everyone has access to books that will enrich, improve and change their lives.

World Book Day is on March 4 2021 and it gives everyone the chance to fundraise for Book Aid International. It costs two pounds to send a book to a person who needs it so every pound that is raised makes a difference.


World Book Day

Source: Unicef


Literacy Rates around the World

Literacy rates among young people are going up around the world. Over two decades literacy rates have gone up from 83 to 91%. Nevertheless, there is a wide gender literacy gap as young females are still less literate on average compared to young males. Book Aid International provides books for poor communities or communities that have been affected by war. In 2018, it supplied 3,791 new books to the University of Mosul’s library which has been completely destroyed by an ISIS bomb in 2015. Their work can only continue with the help of fundraisers, so read more about the event and support if you can.

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