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Charities are facing difficult times since many major sports fundraising events have been cancelled due to the pandemic. The top 25 mass participation sports events in the UK raise more than £150 million for charities every year, so the organisers

With the world on pause, many charities are having to rethink their strategies for grant applications. Right now, there is emergency Covid-19 charity funding available. But what are the best ways to obtain funding? How can small charities also receive

A great funding application can mean that your charity's good work reaches your beneficiaries and changes their context for the better. However, many applications can quickly turn into an unpleasant experience if one doesn't have the right list of priorities

Whether you are battling the current crisis directly on the front lines or have been affected by the pandemic in terms of team, activity or access to beneficiaries, as a charity you will likely need to find ways to attract

These are uncertain times, no doubt. Just when we think we have a grasp on how to forge ahead, things change. In business, the watchword is “pivot,” calling on every ounce of creativity and innovation to keep moving forward. For

Struggling to find volunteering opportunities for your team? More than 20 million people formally volunteered in the UK in one year alone (2017/18). A Deloitte study from 2017 found that amongst Millennials, "70% agree that companies who sponsor volunteer activities

The way companies communicate with their stakeholders influences the sales strategy of a business and ultimately can determine whether companies survive in this difficult environment or not. We spoke to Luffa Khnom-Ramsden, Senior Consultant at McOnie, a business to business

The Charity Covid-19 Survival Guide: Nonprofits around the world are now faced with a dramatic shift in priorities and strategies from their supporters, either existing or potential future ones. Companies are rethinking their whole strategy for the year, and CSR

HR and the Covid 19 crisis: working remotely has completely changed the way companies do business - and one of the most striking changes is how they work with their employees. We discussed in our webinar last week some best

Businesses and governments need to create volunteering schemes that allow everyone to get involved in the philanthropic sector. Rita Chadha from Small Charities Coalition, Charlotte Tomlin from Barclays, Adriano Mancinelli from TrustLaw at Thompson Reuters Foundation and Philip Kenley of

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