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CSR post-Covid-19 will be a new industry which drives businesses forward. Corporate Social Responsibility has changed drastically in recent years, as concerned customers and business leaders alike are questioning the role and responsibilities of corporations in building a more sustainable

The businesses' purpose is going to be key to (re)building a sustainable and better society going forward. Here we have summarised the five things to avoid in your CSR strategy, in order to ensure it is a success for your

It's all about relationships when driving business forward. How can you help your employees, customers, suppliers, and communities weather this storm? The critical question for business leaders to ask in this season, and always, is: how can we create as much

Before the pandemic, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was already transforming from being viewed by leaders as their PR mechanism, operating as a somewhat separate entity, to being ‘the right thing to do’ and operating more in integration with the rest

Covid-19 will be an unwelcome guest in our lives for some time. The deaths will be a grim reminder of its gravity and economies will take a significant time to recover. Moreover, the political, social, and cultural impacts of the

When it comes to the importance of social responsibility, there are concerns that the progress that has been made in the CSR space over the past few years may be undone during this continued crisis. Even though industries and organisations

Kenan Malik recently highlighted an important truth - that although Covid-19 does not discriminate, the devastation wreaked by the virus is not equally shared. South Africa has the highest number of detected infections in Sub Saharan Africa, at more than

Employee engagement is at the core of a company's long-term strategy. Businesses that understood that point have been more likely to attract Millennial and Gen Z talent and have thrived in a happy environment. However, some of the core things

I started in this profession - journalism - thinking (and being taught in school and on the job) that the media has one simple role: to inform the public. However, over the years and even more so with the rise of

You can’t be in CSR and not wonder about the lasting effects of Covid-19 on both the profession and the robust, connected ecosystem of people and causes. Jumping to the punch line, the answer – of course – is that

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