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World Down Syndrome Day

World Down Syndrome Day – March 21 

In 2006, Down Syndrome International decided to make March 21 (21/03) World Down Syndrome Day to increase awareness of people living with the condition. The date is important as it represents the triple sets of chromosome 21, the genetic cause of Down’s Syndrome. Each year has a different theme and this year’s is “We decide”.

2021 is a special year for Down’s Syndrome Association (DSA) as it marks 51 years since their establishment in 1970. For the past 51 years, the association has worked hard to improve the lives of people with Down Syndrome. Their activities range from providing support for people with the condition and their loved ones to leading Down Syndrome research. Their aim is to create the opportunities every single person with Down’s Syndrome needs to live full and rewarding lives. This could mean creating the necessary conditions so that people with Down’s Syndrome can find work more easily or improving educational facilities for children with the condition.

“We decide” – a year of possibilities

“We decide” not only embodies the DSA’s aims but also reflects the UN’s views on giving people with disabilities the opportunity and resources to choose how to live their lives. #WorldDownSyndromeDay is a moment for people with Down’s Syndrome and their friends or family to share their stories and experiences.

Getting involved is easy! Wear #LotsofSocks on World Down Syndrome Day and share pictures of your pair of mismatched funky socks on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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