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National No Smoking Day 2021 – Wednesday, March 10

Since Ash Wednesday 1984, every second Wednesday of March has been dedicated to helping people stop smoking in the UK. National No Smoking Day gives smokers a chance to quit smoking, also offering their loved ones the opportunity to support them in this decision. As of 2019, 77,800 deaths in the UK were attributable to smoking according to the NHS Statistics website. This is 16% of all deaths. National No Smoking Day is an opportunity to make a change in life and prevent many later health complications. 

Benefits Of Not Smoking

According to the British Heart Foundation, a mere 20 minutes after stopping to smoke, the heart rate and blood pressure return to normal. A couple of days after quitting smoking, the senses of smell and taste improve and weeks later exercising becomes easier. A year of no smoking reduces the risk of a heart attack, the leading cause of death around the world, to half that of a smoker.

National Not Smoking Day is the perfect moment to reflect on the long-term benefits of quitting to smoke and decide to put the cigarette down. Each year has a specific theme to motivate smokers wanting to stop to stick to their decision. In 2010 the theme was “Break free”, a good reminder that our habits are not our masters but that we have the power to overcome them. One in ten smokers has stopped smoking on National No Smoking Day. 

Tips On Stopping Smoking

Quitting to smoke is no easy task so it is important to have a group of friends or family to help through this process. Be that person for someone you know who wants to break free from smoking or ask someone to help if you want to quit smoking. Here are some tips to help quit smoking from the British Heart Foundation who helps with No Smoking Day.

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