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Young consumers are expecting more user-generated content (UGC) from big brands, whether this content is used for product or CSR marketing. Consumers will seek more authentic options if businesses continue to plaster their social media channels with glossy, professional, branded

Adriano Mancinelli, UK and Northern Europe Programme Manager, TrustLaw at Thomson Reuters Foundation, says that there are two main problems when it comes to non-profits and their legal needs - their knowledge (or lack thereof) relating to the availability of

In short, yes. The Open Banking initiative is nothing short of the biggest revolution in the banking industry. It sets a new standard for the way banks integrate and communicate with the digital world and other third-party services. It opens

I can’t think of a better example of diversity and inclusion than the time I spent at a theatre in Angel, Islington.  In the area of London known as Clerkenwell sits a dance venue called Sadler's Wells. It takes its

Most of us can agree that we experience a rush of happiness after helping someone in need. Over 21 million people in the United Kingdom annually experience this type of happiness while formally volunteering. Volunteering your time with a charity helps make

Lifetime Value is the most important metric for your organization’s fundraising. The most powerful way to boost Lifetime Value is to keep donors around longer. The best way to keep donors around longer is to make them happy and satisfy their needs. And one

Ariga Ibabu. There’s about a 0.1% chance that I spelled his name right. But I don’t think he’ll mind because I’ve never met him. And yet, he’s been an influential person in my life and career. Let me explain… Growing up,

Traffic. Average Gift. Conversion. These are the 3 essential ingredients to fundraising and online fundraising. I discussed the role of traffic here (and here is how a Google Ad Grant can help, as well as a KindLink post on free Google tools available to charities) and today

Almost every non-profit organisation, especially a small one, faces challenges in its daily operations and way too often these challenges determine if the organisation will still exist in the next quarter. From fundraising through volunteer management to donor engagement and

Have you ever wondered why people don’t give? Or why people don’t give more? A frustrating question that took on a new meaning for me after I had visited a project in Zambia I was working on with Spark Ventures. After

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