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The UK Fundraising Regulator and the Chartered Institute of Fundraising (IoF) have started publishing new guidelines for charitable organizations to restart fundraising activities. The guidelines cover principles that should be applied to all types of fundraising and specific guidelines for

As lockdowns are easing, people are slowly getting back to their workplaces. Charities are opening up shops trying to get up and running to full speed. Things, however, are still not how they used to be. People are nervous about

Even in the midst of crisis, charities, large and small, keep supporting their beneficiaries. Not only has volunteering and fundraising changed, but also the societal needs. The focus has often shifted on the mental health issues associated with isolation, but

The monumental shifts in the way we work, socialise and live our lives has and will have a profound impact on mental health. Employers need to ensure that they are ready to change or update their approach to mental health

COVID-19 has introduced a number of challenges for businesses over the last few months, but also a great deal of opportunity, for both organisations and employees. Companies have been ‘thrown in the deep-end’ with forced remote working and have had

Businesses should have a Corporate Responsibility strategy. Many organizations deem CSR to be an unnecessary cost and not important enough to spend time and resources on implementing a strategy. Their idea of a sustainable business model focuses solely around sales

The Horn of Africa. Located in East Africa, a place where half of the households in a country of over 15 million people rely on remittances for survival. With the coronavirus pandemic, relatives from abroad are almost as helpless as

Every company should be working on their culture. Why? The internal culture affects productivity, image, morale and quality of the work.  A benefit of a strong corporate culture is giving the company a clear identity. If a company promotes creative thinking

As we all sit in our homes and attempt to answer the inevitable ‘what next’ question while still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies are also taking stock, reviewing how they work, where they work and, therein,

The average British person will spend 3,507 days at work over the course of their career. Rounded, this amounts to 10 years spent in the workplace. Therefore, it is important that employees feel accepted, valued, and respected in the workplace.

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