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Staying at home is the best thing people can do to help key workers fight against the spread of the coronavirus. We have lost much because of social distancing but in many other ways, we have been forced to find

Whether you are battling the current crisis directly on the front lines or have been affected by the pandemic in terms of team, activity or access to beneficiaries, as a charity you will likely need to find ways to attract

These are uncertain times, no doubt. Just when we think we have a grasp on how to forge ahead, things change. In business, the watchword is “pivot,” calling on every ounce of creativity and innovation to keep moving forward. For

The company and its nonprofit partner: what does a corporate want? Or, more generally, what do ________ want? It’s a fundamental question when it comes to fundraising and marketing in general. If you know what _______ wants, then you just

Charities attracting corporate partners? The how to on that topic is something any nonprofit will be interested in. Here's a short guide for charities on how to better your chances of attracting those great corporate partners. 1. Have a Clear, Strong Brand Make

The way companies communicate with their stakeholders influences the sales strategy of a business and ultimately can determine whether companies survive in this difficult environment or not. We spoke to Luffa Khnom-Ramsden, Senior Consultant at McOnie, a business to business

The Charity Covid-19 Survival Guide: Nonprofits around the world are now faced with a dramatic shift in priorities and strategies from their supporters, either existing or potential future ones. Companies are rethinking their whole strategy for the year, and CSR

Elizabeth Balgobin was a guest speaker at the KindLink weekly webinar, on how charities can still attract funding and engage with their supporters during the Covid-19 crisis. A consultant for the Small Charities Coalition, she had a list of insights,

The Starfish Greathearts Foundation is an international non-governmental organisation formed in response to the tragedy of children orphaned or left vulnerable by the HIV/AIDS pandemic in South Africa. What do you think of when someone says "South Africa"? Do you think

The Covid 19-related hand sanitiser shortage has made headlines around the world, and now businesses are rallying around those in need and producing the precious bottles and donating them to hospitals, charities, and other organisations fighting the crisis.  The Giants Moving

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