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Every company needs to be sustainable. The best way to structure your sustainability strategy is to use a recognised framework that will guide you on how to build, implement, and measure your sustainability programme. Ideally, such framework would be internationally

Before we get into how to build a sustainable business, it is worth answering a somewhat obvious question: why does your business need to be environmentally friendly and sustainable? Here are some vital statistics in today's socially responsible-orientated world:   And the

The relationship between a company's purpose and its values is a tight one, especially when deciding how to build a CSR programme. Companies need to first define what they stand for, then build relationships with the right nonprofits, groups or

When one says CSR impact measurement, one might think that often-times, results speak for themselves. But do they? There is a long road from strategy to tangible results, and you have to have the right tools to ensure you deploy

Workplace sustainability comes in many shapes and sizes but should be achievable across the board, from ED&I practices to the environment. Here are some insights shared at our Annual KindLink Conference: How Social Responsibility Will Define The New Decade about

Your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability programme should be all about doing the right thing - supporting employees, local communities, and the environment so that we live in a better and kinder planet. But it is also important that

The Payroll Giving scheme, also known as Give as you Earn (GAYE) or Workplace Giving, has been introduced in the UK to allow employees to donate regularly from their salaries (or pensions, if retired) and get immediate tax relief on

Did you know that there is a tool out there helping companies with managing their volunteering, from sourcing the opportunities to managing their employees? It's called a volunteering platform and it's a great example of what technology for good means.   The

Business, as we know it, has changed forever. It used to be the case that CSR was a fringe term that only exotic companies cared about. Nowadays, stakeholders - may they be employees, customers, suppliers or even shareholders - expect

KindLink just had its annual conference this week, with over 100 attendees and 15 top-notch speakers. We will be publishing a comprehensive article on some of the learning points from the KindLink conference next week but, in the meantime, here

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