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Businesses should have a Corporate Responsibility strategy. Many organizations deem CSR to be an unnecessary cost and not important enough to spend time and resources on implementing a strategy. Their idea of a sustainable business model focuses solely around sales

As we all sit in our homes and attempt to answer the inevitable ‘what next’ question while still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies are also taking stock, reviewing how they work, where they work and, therein,

CSR post-Covid-19 will be a new industry which drives businesses forward. Corporate Social Responsibility has changed drastically in recent years, as concerned customers and business leaders alike are questioning the role and responsibilities of corporations in building a more sustainable

The businesses' purpose is going to be key to (re)building a sustainable and better society going forward. Here we have summarised the five things to avoid in your CSR strategy, in order to ensure it is a success for your

Company-charity engagement is key in creating a sustainable social, environmental and corporate environment. What exactly does this engagement entail? Communication between businesses and charities is important for targeting issues that are affecting the stakeholders of the company. Companies engage with

It's all about relationships when driving business forward. How can you help your employees, customers, suppliers, and communities weather this storm? The critical question for business leaders to ask in this season, and always, is: how can we create as much

Before the pandemic, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was already transforming from being viewed by leaders as their PR mechanism, operating as a somewhat separate entity, to being ‘the right thing to do’ and operating more in integration with the rest

Whenever we go through a massive, worldwide crisis, we hear calls to arms in the profession – let’s be vital to our organisations, let’s be authentic, let’s be thought leaders, let’s get in the room with the top management and

Covid-19 will be an unwelcome guest in our lives for some time. The deaths will be a grim reminder of its gravity and economies will take a significant time to recover. Moreover, the political, social, and cultural impacts of the

Wondered about the effects of Covid-19 on mental health? As I write this, over 30,000 people are being mourned by their loved ones. The scale of this crisis is unprecedented in the lives of most of us. Researchers at the

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