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As the perspective of the lockdown being at least partially lifted is becoming more likely, so is the beginning of a 'new reality' in the business world and beyond. The question is, what's next? Ensuring you have strong social impact

CSR and the acknowledgement of its relevance within the business community had already started changing before the arrival of Covid-19. Larry Finck, the CEO of Blackrock, wrote in his annual letter: Awareness is rapidly changing, and I believe we are on

With retail shops closed all over the country, shoppers now have the option to buy a selection of items online and support #ClapForCarers campaign in the process. From football scarves to shirts to jewellery there are options for everyone out

Many employees are juggling full-time work and taking care of their children. In our weekly KindLink webinar, we talked to Lisa Rowles, Director of Innovation and Evidence at Khulisa, and Ray Henry, Chairman of the IACP, about how working parents

Payroll Giving, also known as 'Give As You Earn' (GAYE), is the most tax-efficient method for donating to charities in the UK. The scheme has been created to allow employees to donate regularly from their salaries (or pensions, if retired)

Do you know how you're going to reintroduce your people to work after Covid-19? Whether your staff have been furloughed or are home working, there are lots of considerations you need to make and can start preparing for now. Here are

A leading CSR trend is the transition away from glossy, brand-heavy content to an authentic portrayal of social giving. Who is producing this new content? It’s not your costly public relations agency. It’s your employees. Employee branding is the strategic use of

The current Covid-19 pandemic has hit the business world, and its survival may be predicated on one thing: crisis leadership. In a crisis, leaders are the ones who can make the difference between a business staying afloat and it closing

Charities are facing difficult times since many major sports fundraising events have been cancelled due to the pandemic. The top 25 mass participation sports events in the UK raise more than £150 million for charities every year, so the organisers

These are uncertain times, no doubt. Just when we think we have a grasp on how to forge ahead, things change. In business, the watchword is “pivot,” calling on every ounce of creativity and innovation to keep moving forward. For

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