Philip Kenley, Senior Manager, Employee Engagement Programs, at Salesforce, believes that employees should be empowered to choose the causes they volunteer for, and that companies forming long-term partnerships with entities that they can provide support for is the winning path

KindLink Global invited Margaret Mortlock as Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Pfizer UK, to answer two questions around CSR programmes and, specifically, volunteering.  What are some of the lessons learned at Pfizer that you could pass onto smaller companies that are trying

Martin Davies is the Success Director of Salesforce, one of the leaders in the CRM industry around the world. With over 30 years of experience in IT and experience in coaching, Martin is now working with Astriid, a UK-based charity

Rita Chadha, is the CEO of the Small Charities Coalition, which aims to make life easier for smaller charities that cannot register but that provide tremendous help for those in need. She talks about the changes in volunteering culture and

Henry Badman, the Public Value Manager of Thames Water, talks about CSR and sustainability practices at Thames Water. With nearly 10 years of work experience in the environment and sustainability field, Badman has a lot to share on how companies

Eva-Maria Dimitriadis is the Managing Partner of the Conduit Connect, a place where high-impact businesses can find resources to increase their potential to do good. Eva has years of experience in business development, having worked as COO at C5 Accelerate

Alisa Harewood is the Director of We-R-One Diversity Management Consultancy, a company that helps corporations foster Equality Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) in the workspace. A key point is that true ED&I cannot happen unless employees internalise ED&I values and commit

Jill Hodges is the founder and CEO of Fire Tech, a workshop provider for 9 to 17-year-olds in which they learn to work with technology. Jill founded Fire Tech in 2013, after realising that her children were avid consumers of

Charlotte Tomlins, Senior Colleague Engagement Officer at Barclays, talks about the importance of skills-based volunteering within corporations and how it allows everyone, no matter how busy their schedule is, to make a difference in their communities. Read below some tips

Richard Collins, the co-founder of CSR Accreditation, believes that companies' CSR efforts need to be independently assessed in order to truly determine which players are truly doing good, and which ones still need to learn how to deploy their corporate

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