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The KindLink webinar set out to provide people with some pragmatic working from home tips from professionals implementing these in their teams right now. Billions of people around the world are working remotely during this current crisis, and companies have

aThe charity digital presence has been an ongoing topic for the philanthropy sector over the last few years. Nonprofits need to develop a greater digital presence to ensure greater transparency and attract more support from corporates, organisations and individuals. Find

A Partner in Education's (APIE) vision is a world where all children in Rwanda, regardless of background and circumstance, have the opportunity to receive a high-quality education. The APIE charity mission is to help change the face of teaching practice

Amala is developing the first international high school diploma programme for refugee youth, to address the need for refugee education. With schools closing across the globe due to the uncertainties of Covid-19, it is a bleak insight into what a life

How does one successfully add technology over the human touch when it comes to client or, in our sector, management? It's called a charity CRM. Every organisation (business or charity) relies on its connections with other organisations, customers, partners (usually real

As the majority of us will be working from home for at least the next few weeks, we don't want the good you, your team, and your company do in the world to suffer. Volunteering, in general, has very well

Martin Davies is the Success Director of Salesforce, one of the leaders in the CRM industry around the world. With over 30 years of experience in IT and experience in coaching, Martin is now working with Astriid, a UK-based charity

Rita Chadha, is the CEO of the Small Charities Coalition, which aims to make life easier for smaller charities that cannot register but that provide tremendous help for those in need. She talks about the changes in volunteering culture and

In short, yes. The Open Banking initiative is nothing short of the biggest revolution in the banking industry. It sets a new standard for the way banks integrate and communicate with the digital world and other third-party services. It opens

Lifetime Value is the most important metric for your organization’s fundraising. The most powerful way to boost Lifetime Value is to keep donors around longer. The best way to keep donors around longer is to make them happy and satisfy their needs. And one

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