Be Kind Movement has been promoting and celebrating the power of kindness since 2015. Their Kindness in School Programme provides learning opportunities for children and young people to develop their emotional intelligence skills. Using the visual medium of film, the

Restorative Cleveland - adaptation of service delivery: increased flexibility, creativity and responsivity to victim care, offender rehabilitation and the promotion of safer communities. Safer Communities (formerly Safe in Tees Valley) are a community safety charity, established in 1996. Our vision is

Kenan Malik recently highlighted an important truth - that although Covid-19 does not discriminate, the devastation wreaked by the virus is not equally shared. South Africa has the highest number of detected infections in Sub Saharan Africa, at more than

Going once, going twice, and sold! Sotheby’s and Google are partnering for a MayDay charity auction, offering unique virtual experiences with some of the world’s most famous personalities. Bidding is open from May 1st until May 8th and all the

For the past 27 years, my AFK has been committed to providing mobility equipment not available on the NHS for disabled young people up to the age of 25. In 2019, thanks to the generous support of our funders, corporate

Music and youth development: when we look back to history, music has always played an important role in various cultures, generations and used as a form of social activism to get points across. Music has no boundaries and, over time, different

Kisiizi Partners is a UK charity which was set up to support Kisiizi Hospital in south-west Uganda. The 275 bedded hospital is a private-not-for-profit organisation under the auspices of the Church of Uganda. The hospital compound comprises a school of

The Cambridge Convoy Refugee Action Group is a charity helping refugees in Northern France and other parts of Europe. One-man, two-man, three-man, pop-ups, guy ropes, flysheets. Talk about Tentastic! We love tents at CamCRAG because they are vital to what

e talked to Rita Chadha, CEO of the Small Charities Coalition and Deanne Wolf,  Senior Consultant for Trust Fundraising from Money Tree Fundraising about charity fundraising in the COVID-19 crisis ion our weekly KindLink webinar. Here are some key actionable insights to help

Charities are facing difficult times since many major sports fundraising events have been cancelled due to the pandemic. The top 25 mass participation sports events in the UK raise more than £150 million for charities every year, so the organisers

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