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Welcome to ‘The Kind Link’ series. We will be exploring the challenges, motivations and goals of charities with consideration to the Covid-19 situation. Non-profits are a key part of our societies as they are the link between those who want

Moments of panic can cause us to drop lesser matters and focus on our response to the immediate crisis. Of course, this is a natural response, but for our current situation, this reaction is one that could considerably slow the

The UK Fundraising Regulator and the Chartered Institute of Fundraising (IoF) have started publishing new guidelines for charitable organizations to restart fundraising activities. The guidelines cover principles that should be applied to all types of fundraising and specific guidelines for

Even in the midst of crisis, charities, large and small, keep supporting their beneficiaries. Not only has volunteering and fundraising changed, but also the societal needs. The focus has often shifted on the mental health issues associated with isolation, but

The Horn of Africa. Located in East Africa, a place where half of the households in a country of over 15 million people rely on remittances for survival. With the coronavirus pandemic, relatives from abroad are almost as helpless as

Non-profit organisation Amala celebrates World Refugee Day with the launch of the first high school diploma for refugees. Displaced youth from Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Eritrea, Jordan and Iraq, have been selected to form the pioneering cohort in Amman, Jordan.

Be Kind Movement has been promoting and celebrating the power of kindness since 2015. Their Kindness in School Programme provides learning opportunities for children and young people to develop their emotional intelligence skills. Using the visual medium of film, the

Restorative Cleveland - adaptation of service delivery: increased flexibility, creativity and responsivity to victim care, offender rehabilitation and the promotion of safer communities. Safer Communities (formerly Safe in Tees Valley) are a community safety charity, established in 1996. Our vision is

Kenan Malik recently highlighted an important truth - that although Covid-19 does not discriminate, the devastation wreaked by the virus is not equally shared. South Africa has the highest number of detected infections in Sub Saharan Africa, at more than

Going once, going twice, and sold! Sotheby’s and Google are partnering for a MayDay charity auction, offering unique virtual experiences with some of the world’s most famous personalities. Bidding is open from May 1st until May 8th and all the

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