CSR post-Covid-19 will be a new industry which drives businesses forward. Corporate Social Responsibility has changed drastically in recent years, as concerned customers and business leaders alike are questioning the role and responsibilities of corporations in building a more sustainable

Whenever we go through a massive, worldwide crisis, we hear calls to arms in the profession – let’s be vital to our organisations, let’s be authentic, let’s be thought leaders, let’s get in the room with the top management and

I started in this profession - journalism - thinking (and being taught in school and on the job) that the media has one simple role: to inform the public. However, over the years and even more so with the rise of

These are uncertain times, no doubt. Just when we think we have a grasp on how to forge ahead, things change. In business, the watchword is “pivot,” calling on every ounce of creativity and innovation to keep moving forward. For

Growing up in post-communist Romania was not easy. The country went from communism - one of the worst forms of social organisations known to man - to a freedom its people struggled to understand.  To me, one of the most painful

I started working as a journalist when I was 16. In my 20s, I was the youngest person to be promoted as deputy editor in chief of a national daily newspaper. I had a huge team of journalists under my

In short, yes. The Open Banking initiative is nothing short of the biggest revolution in the banking industry. It sets a new standard for the way banks integrate and communicate with the digital world and other third-party services. It opens

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